55% of GCs want colleagues to do more

If you’re one of the 55% of General Counsel that want their colleagues to do more for themselves, read on.

55% of General Counsel would like their business colleagues to take a more self-serve approach to the creation of low-risk and low value contracts (source: Winmark CLO Network: The Case for Change 2012). With economic conditions meaning in-house teams need to do more with less, you can understand where the wish comes from.

The report states:

“As legal departments and the organisations they serve continue to evolve, General Counsel are under sustained pressure to optimise their approach… Businesses require that legal department leaders effectively make the case for change in their organisations towards efficient, integrated and highly skilled teams.”

It identifies resource optimisation, integration with the business and better working with external consultants and suppliers as key areas of improvement for General Counsel.

But the pressure on a legal team’s budget and time means the reality is that it is often difficult to even make a start. So what is the solution?

The Evident in-house online service enables General Counsel to reduce contractual risk and increase operational efficiency. Not only can the service be introduced without any impact upon the in-house team’s time and resources but it actually frees up legal team time for focusing on the areas and issues where its expertise can really make a difference.

And there’s plenty of scope for law firms to work with us – as we are doing with one top 20 law firm and it’s FTSE 150 client – to integrate the firm’s experience and resources into the system. A win-win.

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